Welding Jobs in Canada with Sponsorship

In Canada, welding is an indispensable part of the manufacturing process. There are more than 13,000 manufacturing facilities in Canada, and about half of them use welding for some part of their production process.

If you have a passion for working with metal and a knack for precision cutting and joining, you might be well suited to welding jobs in Canada. The Canadian economy is heavily dependent on manufacturing; over 60% of the country’s exports are manufactured goods. Manufacturing has also become one of the largest industries in the country; by 2020 it is expected to grow by another $60 billion or even more.

With this level of manufacturing activity comes a high demand for welders who can fabricate products at industrial-sized scale. This blog will highlight all you need to know about welding jobs in Canada, including what types of companies hire welders and what resources are available. It will discuss the different types of sponsorship available for welders, benefits of taking advantage of these opportunities and how to apply if you’re interested in joining a welding company as an employee.

What is welding?

Welding is the process of joining materials, whether they are metals, plastics, composites or wood, by the use of heat and pressure. Welding involves melting components together, fusing them together, drawing them together, and shaping them on a joint. In simple terms, welding is the joining of two or more pieces of metal, plastic, wood or other materials, to make one piece.

There are several different ways of welding, and the choice depends on the type of joint and the materials being joined. There are two main types of welding: arc welding and gas welding. Arc welding uses a continuous process of heating electrodes and metal parts to create a welding arc between the electrodes.

This arc is what makes the weld. Gas welding uses a different process that heats gas to produce an arc between two electrodes. In this process, the arc is then brought together to join the materials. The process is faster and more efficient than arc welding and is usually preferred for joining longer lengths of material.

Types of Welding Jobs in Canada

  • Pre-Trip Inspection: Pre-trip inspection is the process of inspecting a welded item to validate that the weld was performed correctly. Welders conducting pre-trip inspections will use several different inspection methods to ensure the weld is in good condition. Inspection methods include magnifying glass, measuring, and visual inspection using inspection equipment such as a welder’s laser.
  • Welding Supervisor: A welding supervisor oversees the welding operation of a team of welders. This role can be a very important one in the welding operation of a company. – Fabrication Supervisor: Fabrication supervisors are responsible for managing the welding process to create large items such as a large pipe or tank. A fabrication supervisor will usually oversee several welders to ensure product quality and risk are managed well with the welding process.

Hiring for Welding Jobs in Canada

The welding industry in Canada is growing at a steady pace, and there are many jobs available for welders. Manufacturing, construction, oil and gas, energy, and other industries are all responsible for the growth of the welding industry in Canada.

This makes it possible to find welding jobs in almost every sector of the Canadian economy. The welding job market is expected to grow by more than 11% over the next few years, which means welding workers are in high demand.

The good news is that salaries for welders are also expected to grow, enabling welders to earn more as income levels continue to rise. Sponsorship programs are popular because they allow welders to enter the welding industry with relatively little money. While they will earn a salary, sponsors are often responsible for covering the costs of travel, equipment, and other work-related expenses.

Advantages of Sponsorship

  • Low-Cost Option to Joining a Company as an Employee: Many welding companies offer sponsorship programs for welders. In these programs, the company pays for all or part of the costs of the welders’ equipment, travel, and other expenses.
  • Work as a Freelancer or Independent Contractor: Welders can join a company as an independent contractor or freelancer. This is often a good option for welders who want to earn regular income but also want flexibility and some control over their schedule.

Types of Welding Companies that Sponsor welders

  • Manufacturing: While many welding companies in Canada are in the manufacturing sector, many are also in the process of expanding into this area and looking for welders.
  • Construction: Construction is another industry where welding is an integral part of the process. Construction companies that build pipelines and other large items, as well as homeowners who build their own houses, are likely to have welding jobs.
  • Oil and Gas: Welding is an important part of the oil and gas industry. Companies that operate natural gas and oil pipelines, as well as refineries and other processing plants, rely on welders.

How to Find a Welding Job with Sponsorship Program

To find welding jobs with sponsorship, start by looking at the job boards on websites dedicated to the welding industry. You can also check with organizations that represent welders in Canada, such as the Welding Society of Canada.

Welders may also post job openings to job boards or use social media to find jobs. If you find a job that looks interesting, apply for it. Keep in mind that welding companies will often contact candidates they are interested in, so your application may get a closer look than other applications.

You may also want to reach out to the company to see if they have a sponsorship program. Some companies have a general policy of hiring welders and will consider anyone who applies for a job. Others may have specific requirements for hiring welders, such as completing a welding course or passing a welding exam.

Finding a Freelance Welding Job in Canada?

Finding welding jobs as a freelancer can be challenging, especially if you don’t have experience as a welder. Many welding jobs for companies are entry-level positions that are best suited for welders with some experience. Entry-level welding jobs are common in the construction industry and are often associated with apprenticeship programs.

While these jobs may pay less than higher-skill jobs, they provide great opportunities to learn the trade. To find a welding job as a freelancer, you can post your resume on job boards, reach out to companies that post openings, or post listings on websites that connect welders with employers. When looking for jobs as a freelancer, be sure to include your experience in the materials you work with.


Welding jobs in Canada are a great opportunity for welders who want to work in a field that combines technical skill with creativity and offers a good income. In order to find welding jobs in Canada, you need to be prepared to interview and demonstrate your abilities.

These are some of the best ways to find welding jobs as a freelancer: – Search for welding job postings on job boards, social media, and websites for the welding industry. – Reach out to companies that hire welders directly or through job boards. – Visit welding schools and trade associations to make connections.