Nursing Jobs In Canada: Does Canada Hire Foreign Nurses?

When you’re looking for a nursing job in Canada, are you wondering if they hire foreign nurses? Well, yes and no. It depends on where you want to work, what kind of nursing jobs are available in your preferred area and whether or not the hospital or health authority is willing to hire a foreigner. Yes, there are many hospitals in Canada that do hire foreign nurses.

They do so because they know it’s important to have top-notch healthcare professionals from around the world if we hope to continue attracting top talent. If you come from anywhere other than Europe or the United States, however, then finding a job as a nurse in Canada can be more challenging than it would be for someone with similar qualifications who has lived and worked here for years.

Even if you have experience working as a volunteer nurse somewhere else, such as through an international organization that sends volunteers abroad each year, then applying for any type of nursing job in Canada may be more difficult than it would be for someone with similar qualifications who has lived and worked here for years.

What Are The Basics When Searching For A Nursing Job In Canada?

If you’re looking for a nursing job in Canada, then you’ll need to figure out what types of nursing jobs are available in your area, what your qualifications are, and how much you’re worth to employers. You’ll want to start by looking at the type of nursing jobs currently available in your area.

You might look at the types of nursing jobs available in health care, nursing jobs in public health, nursing jobs in long-term care, nursing jobs in home care, nursing jobs in schools, nursing jobs in hospitals and nursing jobs in the military. Next, you’ll want to decide which type of nursing jobs in Canada you’re more interested in. Are you interested in a nursing job in the health care field? What about hospitals? Foreign nursing jobs in Canada? Home care? Public health nursing?

Are Registered Nurses in Demand in Canada?

Yes, registered nurses are in high demand in Canada. And while they are the most common type of nurse in Canada, they aren’t the only type of nurse employed in the country. That’s because there are also registered nursing assistants, certified nursing assistants, clinical associates and many other types of nurses who work in Canada. In fact, the Canadian Nurses Association says that in 2016, Canada’s registered nurses worked an average of 2,169 hours per year, or 49 hours per week. That’s longer than the amount of hours registered nurses typically work in the United States, where they worked an average of 2,097 hours per year.

What is the requirement to be registered nurse in Canada?

To be eligible to become a registered nurse in Canada, you’ll need to meet two requirements: You’ll need to prove you meet the education and experience requirements Then you’ll need to prove you meet the character requirement. Registered nurses in Canada must be able to show they have a clean police record during their time in Canada’s immigration system. You can usually apply for a work permit through the Express Entry (EE) immigration system. If you’re not sure if you want to try to apply with the Express Entry system, though, then you can also apply with the regular federal immigration system.

Where To Look For Nursing Jobs In Canada

Nursing jobs in Canada can be found through a number of different channels. We recommend starting by searching nursing jobs in your area using job search engines like Indeed, or using websites like Canadian Career Guides to find nursing jobs in Canada. These sites will help you find jobs in your area and in categories like health care, schools, hospitals, home care and nursing jobs abroad. (Note: Before you apply to a Canadian company, we recommend that you first apply to jobs in Canada to give yourself a better chance of getting a response. Many employers don’t want to receive applications from people outside of Canada.)

Hospitals Don’t Usually Hire Foreigners

Most hospitals in Canada don’t hire foreign nurses. This is because Canada’s healthcare system is mainly public and funded by provincial governments. And most provinces only hire Canadian citizens. Private hospitals are another story, however. That’s because they are usually funded through insurance companies, which are required to hire foreign workers under the federal Immigration and Emigration (IEC) Act. So, if you’re looking for nursing jobs in Canada in hospitals, then you might have more luck finding a job in a private hospital than you would in a public hospital.

Why Should You Look For Nursing Jobs In Shorthold-Care Facilities?

If you’re looking for nursing jobs in Canada in hospitals, then you might want to consider a job in a long-term care facility, or in a subacute care facility. Long-term care facilities are home to people who are in need of long-term care or have a disability. And while they might be considered a form of elder care, long-term care facilities don’t usually hire foreign workers, either. That’s because these facilities are funded through provincial health care plans, which are usually not eligible to hire foreign workers under federal immigration regulations.

Universities Don’t Usually Hire Foreign Nurses

Finally, remember that most universities in Canada don’t hire foreign nurses. While some universities in Canada do have nursing schools, these schools are usually part of a university’s Faculty of Health Professions, Arts and Sciences, or a Department of Kinesiology.

When you’re looking for nursing jobs in Canada at universities, then, you’ll be looking for nursing jobs in disciplines like nursing, health care administration, public health and nursing.

Is Nclex accepted in Canada?

Nclex is accepted as a certification in Canada. However, you’ll want to check with the hospital or health authority to which you’re applying to make sure Nclex is accepted. Nursing boards in Canada accept two different exams for certification.

The National Council of Examiners for Nursing (NCEN) is the national body that governs all nursing certifications in Canada. The National Board of Certification in Nursing (NBCC) governs and accredits nursing programs at each of the country’s educational institutions.

Research And Development And Manufacturing Aren’t Usually Hostile To Foreigners

If you’re interested in nursing jobs in Canada in research and development or manufacturing, then you might be surprised to learn that these are some of the industries that are open to hiring foreign workers, especially from Asia.

Manufacturing firms in Canada are required to hire foreign workers under federal immigration regulations. They also have to hire Canadians in other key roles, like engineers and financial analysts, so the jobs in these fields are typically not available to Canadians alone.


Nursing jobs in Canada are seriously rewarding and challenging, and you’ll find that there is a lot of variety within a single sector of the nursing field. Hospitals, for example, offer many different types of nursing jobs, from short-term care to long-term care. And, of course, there are also many different types of nursing jobs in Canada.

You can work in general health care, in rural health care, in hospitals, in schools, in long-term care, in home care and so many others. You might want to try searching for nursing jobs in Canada in specific areas, such as in hospitals, long-term care or health care, or in a specific discipline, like pediatrics or geriatrics. These are just some of the reasons that it’s important to find a nursing job in Canada that’s right for you.